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Jawo Sheng was founded in 1978, start with the embossing machine, packaging printing machine, varnishing machine and flexo printing machine running the business for over many years, with the experience to develop up-day technology & high-quality products and to provide the best soled service.
When it comes to the manufacture of embossing machine, varnishing machine, flexo printing machine, flexographic printing and packaging printing machine, we have been at the forefront of the industry for many years. We strive to deliver high-quality machinery that fits the ever changing needs of a wide range of industries. With a strong dedication to customer service, we will offer you the highest quality machinery every time. Always putting the customer first Jawo Sheng always strives to deliver exceptional new products with very advanced technologies. Their latest range of pressing machines all incorporate energy-efficient features, innovative functions, as well as very productive work modes. Using their vast range of experience this company can also develop custom made solutions to meet all of your machine tool needs.


We devote ourselves in R&D and take the leads in the industry, importing advanced embossing machine, packaging printing machine solutions for customers because what they ask for is what we strive for.

Patented Cold & Hot Embossing Roller

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