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Embosser Machine JS-E2


  • Additional function: the pressure drum is designed with cooling feature, which renders uniform depth of figure and avoids deformation of plastic plates under work.
  • Heating type of embossing, patterns made by stainless steel, cost saving from consumable, rapid development of new products.
  • Wheel heating by hot paraffin, high-speed and equalize the temperature.
  • Axial cooling 10 spindle oil, cooling the axial till temperature in normally and let the machine get operation in regular.
  • Pneumatic in-barrel, out-barrel, accurate time for in-barrel and out-barrel.
  • Electronic governor of frequency inverter can be easy adjusted for high & lower speed.
  • Oil feeding and time setting are by auto electronic device.
  • This machine is suitable for all types of paper and also have a variety of plastic material embossing.
  • Patent product.
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Model JS-E2
Embossing area 1055mm x 750mm
Embossing Pattern size 1060mm x 840mm
Power Required 40KW
Net Weight 6500kgs
Capacity/Hour 100/2400
Machine Dimension 6240 x 2320 x 2110mm