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Hot Foil Stamping


  • Heated oil rollers keep the temperature even and the precision and roundness is maintained for uniform operation.
  • The axis of plate roller is equipped with a cooling system that prevents it from swelling. The axial sleeve is accurately attached with the axis, rendering smooth operation.
  • The pressure roller surface is equipped with a cooling system. This design prevents heat transmission from the plate roller to the surface of the pressure roller. During operation, the temperature of the pressure roller is kept at room temperature for the printing of papers and plastics such as PP and PET. No deformation after embossing and hot stamping, and the secondary processing afterwards will be smoother.
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Print on Foil Makes an Impact

Print on foil adds an impact to your packaging hot foil designs.

Print on foil adds an impact to your packaging hot foil designs. This machine produces clear and crisp foils. The end result is foils that are without any indentations. Traditional machines leave debossed or embossed impressions on the paper or plastic sheets. The patented roller system overcomes this limitation providing outstanding hot foil results. This machine produces oversize hot foils on sheets up to 1020 x 730mm. Additionally, our machine uses coated or uncoated sheets for an extended range.

Foil on Print (others)
Print on Foil (Jawo Sheng)

This hot stamping machine supports operations requiring Print on Foil. This creates a greater impact to the graphic design when compared to the normal Foil on Print processing. Our machines superb capability for large foiled areas and fine details provides new opportunities for printing plants to offer high value packaging and print services.

Hot Foil Stamping With and Without Plate

Hot foil stamping machine with a stamping plate

This hot foil stamping machine with a stamping plate provides high volume production. A stainless steel hot foil plate is for high volume foil jobs requiring over 5000 sheets. A benefit other machines do not have is plate-less hot foiling. A traditional silkscreen and UV toner setup are for jobs fewer than 1000 to 2000 sheets. This is only possible with our hot foiling machine.

Hot Foil Stamping Without Plate

Hot foil stamping without a plate is possible. This is important to accommodate low volume production runs. We define low production hot foil runs as fewer than 1000 to 2000 sheets. For your clients with many of these types of jobs, this machine creates a new possibility. Plate-less hot foiling can also create new packaging opportunities. New revenue streams are possible. Focus is on high value foil packaging design like for cosmetics, food and, liquor industry.

Hot stamping plate

Embossing plate: Made of stainless steel

Hot stamping plate: Stainless plate

Foil With Hot Stamping Plate (Foiling Roller & Pressure Roller)

  • Stainless steel hot stamping plate for high production runs <5000 sheets
  • High quality Foil with superb adhesion and uniform coverage
  • More economical for high volume and low mix foil jobs

Hot stamping without plate: UV oil, or toner.

Hot stamping without plate:

Over-sized hot stamping area: This machine can process hot stamping foils over a greater area without making bubbles.

Foil with UV Toner (Silkscreen & Pressure roller)

  • More economical for low volume and high mix foil jobs
  • High quality foil with superb adhesion and uniform coverage
  • Silkscreen for UV toner, production runs <1000-2000 sheets
Oversized Foils

What is Hot stamping without plate?

1. Add UV oil onto screen printing device and print on paper, and then proceed hot stamping of the paper.

2. Spraying toner onto paper and proceed hot stamping onto paper. This method makes better quality compared with stainless steel plate hot stamping.

Hot stamping after printing: This machine can proceed printing after hot stamping procedure, such as coated paper, clay coated paper, and card paper.

Why is there an Advantage of a Roller System for Hot Foil Stamping?

There is a distinct advantage of our machine. A roller system hot stamping foil machine produces foils over a large area bubble free. Traditional press-type machines are suitable for small foil areas. They cannot produce uniform foils over a large area. Moreover, they also leave indents on the surface and backing of the sheets. So this is why the majority of foil systems are Foil After Print. This may not be the most ideal solution for high quality packaging. We are the best solution for large format bubble free foils.

Oversized Foils
Bubble-free Foils
Patented product

Expand roller center is located at the center of the stamping pattern, and there are scale icons at the axis center. All the expanding rollers of the same axis are at the same location so that the location of stamping membrane will be the same.


Standards Model: JS-EH2
Hot Foil Stamping & Embossing area 1020mm × 720mm
Embossing & Hot stamping Plate size 1020mm × 835mm
Min. Paper Size 400mmx 300mm
Foil Film Feed Device (Motorized) 3 Sets
Embossing & Hot Stamping Pressure line 12-19, 6-8
Power Required 51KW
Net Weight 8500kg
Capacity/Hour 1200–2100 pcs
Machine Dimension 7000mm × 3600mm × 3900mm