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Uniform Roller Heating:
Kerosene Fueled High Yield Embossing, Lower Power Costs

A critical advantage of this machine is the combination of a heated and cooled pressure roller system design. It delivers uniform heating across the roller surface producing a high yield embossing of the entire sheet with virtually no loss. This saves money and delivers a high quality product for your customers.

This amazing patented roller gives you technically advanced embossings on semi rigid plastics and paper materials.

The fine grains and 3D like features produced by this machine can’t be achieved with the same clarity using traditional machines.

Embossing Plate Design

Cheaper than Traditional Rollers

Reduced Unit Costs for each Batch

The use of the embossing plate design on this machine provides you with key advantages over traditional roller embossing machines. Firstly, the embossing plate is far cheaper to produce than rollers reducing your production costs for each run.

Faster Changeover Times

Secondly, the embossing plate delivers fast changeovers. A skilled operator can swap the embossing plate in around 3 minutes, compared to an hour or more for traditional roller designs.

Edge to Edge Accuracy, Competitive Edge

So as you’ve seen this machine from JAWO SHENG delivers astonishing embossing on paper and plastic substrates with high yields right across the width of the sheet.
Its patented roller produces unlimited new designs with 3D effects. This creates packaging and printed materials that are unrivaled in this competitive market.

The Cooling Equipment of the Heating Axis

The Structure Advancement of Roller Embossing Machines