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Varnishing Machine


  • Machine design: sturdy structure and perfect function , divide into the top and the bottom base.
  • The printing can be used by water base, UV spot varnishing,flatting,suitable for several purpose also the shiner is clear with soft & colorful.
  • Roller structure: Ceramic scraper means, to enhance watermark,polish, smooth uniform extinction.
  • The ststem of moisten printing plate: uses a clutch to auto control. The moisten effect when adjustment, water-based ink and water based varnish will not plug version.
  • Patent product.
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Standards Model:JS-R-UV-1 Model:JS-R-UV-2 Model:JS-R-UV-3
Coating area 1280mm x 930mm 1055mm x 750mm 920mm x 667mm
Coating size 1285mm x 1190mm 1060mm x 1020mm 925mm x 867mm
Power Required 41KW 41KW 41KW
Net Weight 7500kg 6500kg 6100kg
Capacity/Hour 4000 pages 4000 pages 4000 pages
Machine Dimension 6290 x 2560 x 2800mm 6120 x 2040 x 2685mm 6120 x1 905 x 2685mm